Is Your Dream to Be on Radio?  

Find out what program directors are looking for. develop the best on-air radio air-check. Receive tools for on air delivery and Gain experience on adobe to perfectly edit any break.

* Radio Air Check

* Internship Opportunity

* Gain Industry Insight

* Connect with On Air Talent & Program Directors

* Maximize Your Brand 


Do You Have What it Takes to Be on Television?

learn from experienced professionals who will teach you all you need to know to write, produce, interview, and perform on camera. 

* Create a Television Reel

* Learn Script Writing

* Strengthen On-Camera Delivery

* Develop Interviewing Skills

* Gain Insight to Television Culture


Do You Love Public Speaking?

Develop a strength in creating the best script. Learn the art to delivering an exceptional speech. Receive tricks learned from professional speakers on how to effectively connect with any audience.

* Learn How to Write a Dynamic Speech

* Develop Strong Delivery Skills

* Create Your Marketing Brand

* Receive Strategies to Land Speaking Gigs 

* Build Techniques to Connect with Any Audience

Throughout my media career, I have receive vital information that I simply can't keep to myself.  I have used these tools to become great at what I do.  This life-changing information is not for me to keep to myself.  I want to invest in you just as others poured into me. As we partner together, you will learn in a few sessions what took me years to learn.  I will make myself available to you and walk alongside you in this journey.  

The first step is to set up a 15 minute conference call to discuss your goals. Please have questions prepared as our time together will go quickly.   From there I will put together a timeline of goals to filtrate the best plan for your success.  

It doesn't matter where you live, I connect virtually with students all over the United States.